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Food Services

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Weekly Meal Preparation

Rates starting at $250/week (depending on number of people and meals)

Allow me to take care of the planning and preparation of meals custom-made to your needs. I can accommodate gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and other allergy specific diets.

I can also help you ease into a new dietary protocol like an autoimmune paleo, ketogenic or vegan diet as well as support you and your family with nourishing and tasty meals during a health challenge or during pre-and post-natal transitional periods.

Cauliflower and Kale Soup

Dietary Consultations

Sliding scale of $90-$120

The nutritional and energetic properties of food can be used to restore balance to your unique constitution, detoxify from pollutants, heal and revitalize on a deep cellular level and effect real transformation.  Understanding your nature, heeding your body's messages and responding with the appropriate nourishment are profound pathways to harmony and health.

I extended and deepened my knowledge of food and healing through study and exploration of a range of alternative holistic healing practices to help me recover from my own chronic illness. As a result, I have made it my mission to share these user-friendly, non-invasive and long-term health supportive approaches with others.


Cooking Classes (Private or Group)

Rates starting at $100 per person

Learn to feed yourself and others with fun, informative cooking classes tailored to you. 

I offer classes for adults or children in a relaxed learning atmosphere that fosters creativity and self-empowerment. The classes often culminate a in shared meal.

Event Catering

Rates starting at $500 for small dinner parties

Allow me to collaboratively create a dining experience that brings pleasure, enhances well-being and fuels the imagination for you and your guests, with care given to the total sensory, and theatrical experience of a community meal.

Charred Corn Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing

I lost 60 pounds while still eating delicious food. My joints are no longer swollen and achy, I have so much more energy and my brain is not foggy. I feel like a new woman!

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